Thursday, March 7, 2013

Be Stunned By Burger King's New BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal

Burger King Philippines offers new budget-friendly-yet-stunning meals for Filipinos, the BBQ Whopper Stunner Meal for 120 pesos and my favorite BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal for only 99 pesos.

BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal immediately became one of my favorites. Want to know why? Then read my short story after the break.

One ordinary day, I visited the nearest Burger King store in my workplace (Burger King Emerald) to try something new and different. While looking on the menu board, these Stunner Meals got my attention. Then I ordered BBQ Cheeseburger.

When the BBQ Cheeseburger, regular fries, regular coke and sundae reached my tray... My initial reaction was "whoah! ...  is this really worth less than a hundred?" But of course, I just said that in my mind. I dont want to make a scene. Haha

Moving forward, I first grabbed the BBQ Cheeseburger. The taste of the BBQ Cheeseburger was really stunning, its a way way different from other cheeseburger offered by other fastfood stores in the country. The juicy flame grilled patty and the sweet and smoky bbq sauce was a stunning combination. Not to mention, theres a right amount of white onions that gives more flavor to it. And the slice of high quality cheddar cheese makes the BBQ Cheeseburger more delectable.

I was stunned!!

The fries, the coke and the free mini sundae makes this Stunner Meal really stunning. Especially the mini sundae (loved it!). Its just a perfect dessert and perfect way to wrap up your lunch break.

I know I've whet your appetite, so go to your favorite Burger King store and be stunned, just like me, by getting the BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Meal for just less than 100 pesos. And wait, there's more you can save more by getting the BBQ Cheeseburger Stunner Duo Meal for only Php189. 

For more promos and affordable meals, check Burger King's Facebook and Twitter Page.

Happy Eating! :)

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  1. Walang burger king sa bohol, sayang, hahaha


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