Friday, November 21, 2014

Are you a Man of #DISKARTE just like your Hard Court Idol?

DISKARTE – try translating this to English. What do you get? 
Intelligence? Strategy? Wit? Quick thinking? Street-smart? Resilience? Almost. But not quite.
Are You MAN of #DISKARTE Just like your Hard-Court IDOL?
You see, Diskarte is one of the many innately Filipino traits that’s quite difficult to define in just one word. It touches on the combination of these mentioned words, and then some. Merriam-Webster and Oxford may fail us in this respect, so instead of looking through those pages, we try to read between the lines. To make it more understandable in the English language, Diskarte can be summed up as: 
“The manner of handling and making the best out of a situation in a smart & confident way.” 

It’s about how you act and react in your day-to-day activities. As you course through the inevitable but certainly conquerable trickiness, awkwardness, and unexpected possibilities of situations that come your way, you know you canoh-so-suavely roll with the punches. Surely, you’ve had those days. Again and again. 

Let’s paint you a clearer picture. Your ultimate favorite Hard-court they are tagged underdog compared to their arch rival. But because your favorite team are composed of Men of Diskarte, they will find solution at the problem (or sometimes just before the buzzer goes off!) They realized that instead of heavily relying on their big men to score small points, they used their speed and heavy shooting outside the paint. So instead of doing a one-man play, they kept on passing the ball until one gets open, and find the right rhythm to shoot the ball. 

You know what we’re talking about.. just like your hard-court idol, keeping your cool and playing it smart as you exercise your quick wit and charm, always trying to find that sometimes elusive silver lining behind the thick grey rain clouds. And as you live through that day, or any other bad day, to tell your story, some people just get inspired by you. 

No matter what comes your way, be it the big life-changing challenges in your personal or work life, down to the mundane and minute hiccups of your social life, you, the Man of #DISKARTE on the hard court, are ready to face them head on. 

As a Filipino, you have it in you to be a Man of #DISKARTE. It starts with the self-awareness of knowing your strengths and weaknesses to figure out how to make the best out of what you have, in every situation. It’s definitely not about having good looks – not everyone is blessed with that. It’s about feeling good and confident in one’s skin and that’s an area where NIVEA MEN can help you with. 

Nothing less can be expected from the World’s No. 1 Men’s Skin Care and Grooming Brand; NIVEA MEN will give you that extra boost needed to help you reach your everyday potential. 

The decision is yours. 
Can you be a Man of #DISKARTE? 
It Starts With You. 

On Sunday November 23rd, we will reveal your Hard-Court's Idol Top 5 DISKARTE. Stay Tuned.


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